Ubud Area Tour
July 12, 2019
Bali ATV & Ubud Tour
July 12, 2019

Bali ATV & Tanah Lot Tour

Bring your playground to the dirts, forests and streams as you engage in an exhilarating ride along the rice paddies and temples at the countryside of Ubud. You will be supplied with high-powered quad ATV bike to confirm a simple nonetheless thrilling riding expertise. Continue by visiting the famous Taman Ayun Temple and Tanah Lot Temple where you will enjoy sunset before wrapping up your day.

ATV Ride

Challenge yourself to accomplish the winding and sloping routes in this action-packed countryside ride near Ubud. You will start by smashing through the rice terraces of local farmers and then passing nearby villages watching the locals in their daily activities. Unwind yourself in the Balinese countryside atmosphere after finishing the trip.

Luwak Coffee Plantation

Dubbed as the priciest coffee in the world, Luwak coffee (also called civet coffee) has drawn interests from coffee aficionados around the world. Here you’ll be shown the traditional process of coffee-making and interesting information about how the civet cats eat the coffee and poop the beans out undigested. You will have the chance to sample a tasteful cup of Luwak coffee (totally hygiene) as well as 5 cups of different coffee varieties and 5 cups of teas (total 11 cups) for free.

Taman Ayun Temple

Literally translates as ‘Beautiful Garden,’ Taman Ayun was the royal temple of then Mengwi Kingdom, located strategically in Trans-Bali roadway in north Badung. It has a large courtyard surrounded by wide moat which can only be entered through a bridge leading into the passage gate. Apart from its religious purpose, the temple was built with the intention of being a place of tranquility, hence the big lawn and peripheral orchids.

Tanah Lot Temple

This temple is easy one in all the foremost common destinations in island and notable among the tourists because the preferred spot for high sunset towards Indian Ocean. The temple, sitting on the highest of Associate in Nursing offshore drop-off, appears to be floating in the occasion of high tides. Tanah heap Temple conjointly holds a standing of high non secular importance joined of the foremost revered Balinese Hindu temples, and tourists can sometimes see the locals holding spiritual ceremonies and organizing dance performance around the temple.