Bali Uluwatu Tour
July 12, 2019
Ubud & Kintamani Tour
July 12, 2019

Bedugul & Tanah Lot Tour

At Bedugul, the heart of central Bali, the mountains and the lakes are serving the mythical role as a visible link between the Balinese people and the realm of the Gods. The preservation effort around island is seen to be the strongest here, therefore you'll solely see the simplest version of tropical highland after you start this tour. The subsequent 2 spots are not any less beautiful, as you will witness the sunset in all of its glory to the Indian ocean before calling it a day.

Ulun Danu Beratan Temple

  Built in 1633, Ulun Danu Temple stands majestically at the edge of Lake Beratan. The temple is wherever the Bahasa Indonesia gift their offerings to the Bahasa Indonesia water, lake and river Goddess Danu, due to the importance of the lake as a main source of irrigation in central Bali. As a water temple, Ulun Danu Bratan Temple presents beautiful highland and shore scenery. Additionally, you'll rent Associate in Nursing stabiliser, paddle or motor boat to occur the lake.

Twin Lake (Tamblingan & Buyan)

Lake Buyan and Tamblingan are located on the northern slope of Mount Lesung at the town of Munduk, Buleleng. These are two of three lakes formed in a large caldera, the other being Lake Beratan with its famous Ulun Danu Water Temple. Both are considered as twins, since they are only separated by a few acres of rainforest. The twin lakes are currently gaining popularity among tourists who seek for serene natural scenery away from congested places.

Bali Coffee Plantation

Dubbed as the priciest coffee in the world, Luwak coffee (also called civet coffee) has drawn interests from coffee aficionados around the world. Here you’ll be shown the traditional process of coffee-making and interesting information about how the civet cats eat the coffee and poop the beans out undigested. You will have the chance to sample a tasteful cup of Luwak coffee (totally hygiene) as well as 5 cups of different coffee varieties and 5 cups of teas (total 11 cups) for free.

Tanah Lot Temple

This temple is easy one among the foremost in style destinations in island and illustrious among the tourists because the preferred spot for commanding sunset towards Indian Ocean. The temple, sitting on the highest of associate degree offshore drop, appears to be floating in the occasion of high tides. Tanah heap Temple conjointly holds a standing of high non secular importance united of the foremost revered Bahasa Indonesia Hindu temples, and tourists can often see the locals holding spiritual ceremonies and organizing dance performances around the temple.